Latest setup for Shrek The Musical with Firebird Children’s Theatre. First time I’m  really layin’ into my new Meinl cymbals and I’m loving them
"I want to get across that bisexuality isn’t just a transitional state from being straight to gay, or that, you know, you just help out when the homosexuals are all busy."

Alan Cumming on NPR

I just laughed so hard at this that I felt like I needed to record it somewhere.

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Lolz, as the kids say

Sometimes you just gotta test out your setup in the living room…

“In 1983, after more than 10 years of research, a Texas A&M University horticulturist named Leonard Pike created an onion that did not make people cry. This alone was revolutionary, but Dr. Pike also conferred another attribute upon his plant progeny: a single center. Previous onion varieties had multiple centers and were a mess of interlocking circles when sliced, but the sweet Texas 1015 — named after the optimal planting date, Oct. 15 — would cut into perfect concentric circles. …
For a relatively small institution, the center has contributed a great deal to the produce aisles. It has bred about 40 cultivars, or new vegetable and fruit varieties, and identified 56 bioactive compounds that are important for health research and are worth an estimated $6.3 million. Before retiring in 2006, Dr. Pike created the maroon carrot, which has up to 40 percent more cancer-preventing beta-carotene. David Byrne, an A&M AgriLife Research scientist, released his 19th peach varietal, TexFirst, designed for Texas’ mild winters. Kevin Crosby, an A&M associate horticulture professor, is responsible for seven types of peppers, including the golden yellow mild habanero, which is low in capsaicin — the chemical responsible for a pepper’s heat. …
Dr. David L. Katz, the director and a founder of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, argued in his keynote address for the role of a plant-based diet in fighting the leading causes of death, including cancer and heart disease.
'If you were told there was a drug safe for old and young with no side effects that was very cheap, and that taken daily would reduce chronic disease by 80 percent, you’d call your doctor immediately for a prescription or you’d call your stockbroker. But that drug already exists.'” 
20 Years of Creating Vegetables

Because SCIENCE!

Man, fuck 3 AM.

Opening tonight. Hold on to your butts.